Characters and Marketing
 Below is a small sample of some characters and marketing assets I worked on.
PS3 Splash Screen
Release Party Banner
Release Party Banner @ Geisha House
Play Magazine Cover
Afro & Ninja Ninja
Justice and Kuma Page Layout
Afro & Okiku
Android Ninja
UX/UI Design
It was decided early on in the project that we would have a minimal UI in game so we had to come up with clever ways to convey things like the body part poker mini game. We used Afro's alter ego Ninja Ninja to contextually help explain things. For front end UX and UI we where lucky enough to work with the vary talented Kumiji Ichiro who did all the tradition japanese calligraphy.
Body Part Poker mock up
Character Viewer
Combo Screen
Start Screen
Outsource Management
On Afro Samurai we worked with several outsourcing groups to build out the environments, I provided direction and feedback, and helped establish a process for working with these groups.  Here is an example of some of the work created.
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